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Student feedback and reporting

Student feedback and reporting

Thu , 22/07/21 Posted by: Kate Gilmore


Learning for the real world

Thu , 27/03/14 Posted by: Maree Taylor

The Business Management course at Stuartholme School has been revised to include ‘real world’ learning activities. Students in Term 1 learn the foundations of business in a retail management context where they apply concept theories to everyday business scenarios.

Head of Business at Stuartholme Sally Adams said the main reason for the revised syllabus was to allow the students a greater understanding of what business looks like outside of the classroom.

“The girl’s need to see that the theory they’re learning has an authentic and relevant application to business situations and that’s what we are showing our students,” she said.

“We hope it will also help those students who plan to study business after school to know what business entails and how it’s relevant for many different industries and workplaces.”

The students recently had an excursion to Toowong Shopping Centre where they gained an insight into the retail business environment.

In teams, the girls completed a research observation task and were asked to clarify the different types of retail systems operating.

“It was really good to work in teams because we could share notes and bounce ideas off each other,” Year 11 student Harriet Thomasson said.

The excursion is in preparation of the upcoming assignment based on their observations of the Toowong retail precinct.

“We hope this semester will see the girls find a deeper appreciation for the complexities of the business world,” Sally said.

Year 11 student Charlotte Stephens plans to study Marketing when she leaves Stuartholme and said she found the excursion to have a lot of real world relevance.

“While this was mainly for an assignment, it was really relevant for me to see what retail marketing looks like and how it operates behind the scenes,” she said.

“I don’t think many other schools have such practical classes; we’re pretty lucky.”

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