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Leading students to success

Leading students to success

Fri , 05/02/21 Posted by: Kate Gilmore


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New school program provides bright future for students

Fri , 24/06/16 Posted by: Kate Gilmore

Stuartholme School, in Toowong, recently introduced a new school program - EPICS; an ‘Exciting Program for Intellectually Curious Students’ for students in Years 7 and 8.
The EPICS program allows students to express themselves creatively and technologically in areas they would not usually focus on, allowing students improve in broader subjects where they can apply themselves both physically and mentally.
Areas include manual work such as woodwork, welding and making automata, using cameras for film and photography, computer programs such as Photoshop, infographics, learning how to web code, and improving their writing for press and web.
Leader of Learning – Innovation Mr Michael Elliott, developed the program specifically for students to broaden their learning.
“To do this we need to develop our student’s curiosity about the world around them and help them develop the skills and attitudes to engage creatively in taking actions that make the world a better place.
“EPICS are designed to play a role in this process,’’ he said.
The overall goal of the program is to give students a sense of creativity, and the ability, skills and attitudes to start businesses and generate ideas.
Students in Year 7 focused on manual work and improving their problem solving mindset when trying and learning new skills.
Whereas, students in Year 8 focused on digital media, using hands-on activities to participate and communicate effectively in a digital world.
Due to its success, the program will be extended to Year 9 students next year who will be given an opportunity to develop a project that focuses on building positive social change of their own interests and values.
‘’We want our students to develop the ability to read, write and participate in the digital world. To be effective communicators and advocates for change,” Michael said.
By Melanie (Year 8)

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