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What makes a high performing school?

What makes a high performing school?

Fri , 21/02/20 Posted by: Kate Gilmore

Vocational education opens doors

Thu , 28/01/16 Posted by: Kate Gilmore


Stuartholme School collaborates with Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) to deliver a range of vocational education options to students.

Vocational Education Coordinator Laurence Somerset said that this year again, students accessed a wide range of vocational courses inside and outside Stuartholme. Embedded in student  timetables, Stuartholme offered Certificates III and IV in Business and Fitness and a Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care.

“In addition to the Certificate courses we also facilitate Traineeships and for the first time next year, we’ll be offering a Diploma of Business,” she said.

Benefits to vocational education at school

As these courses are industry recognised, Stuartholme is not able to design the course, however in most cases, our Teachers deliver a course written by an RTO, at the school.

“There can be huge benefits to studying a vocational education course,” explains Mrs Somerset.

“VET courses allow students to demonstrate academic strengths that are not always recognised in Authority subjects, which subsequently helps grow their confidence. It also suits students who prefer a more practical learning style. Studying a VET course in Years 11 and 12 can be a transformative experience for some students.

“It allows them to explore an area of interest and confirm what they want to study after Year 12.

“If a student is interested in the Fitness industry, studying a Certificate III in Fitness will give them a practical insight into that field.

Rank position

“Completing a Certificate course also gives students certainty of a Rank position. For example completing a Certificate III equates to a Rank of 68 or around an equivalent OP 14/15, and a Certificate IV equates to a Rank of 74 or around an equivalent OP 12 in Queensland.”

For students undertaking the Diploma of Business next year, they can expect a rank of 82 which is around an equivalent OP 8-9 in most universities in Queensland and a rank of 87 (around an  equivalent OP 7) at Queensland University of Technology and Griffith University.

Recognition for outstanding achievements

Last year Stuartholme School had three students awarded an Australian Vocational Student Prize. The Australian Vocational Student Prize recognises the outstanding achievements of students who completed their senior secondary studies while undertaking vocational training.

“Our vocational education options are quite extensive at Stuartholme. If anyone is interested in a course I encourage them to visit Academic Services,” said Mrs Somerset.

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