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Student feedback and reporting

Student feedback and reporting

Thu , 22/07/21 Posted by: Kate Gilmore


A special visit from Caritas Australia

Tue , 16/02/16 Posted by: Kate Gilmore

Dedicated to making a difference, Marie Mondu has been supporting health and wellbeing programs in Papua New Guinea (PNG) for over 14 years.
As the Program Quality and Support Coordinator with Caritas Australia in PNG, Marie provides support throughout the design, implementation and evaluation stages of long-term community development programs. She works to ensure that projects embrace the most vulnerable women, children and men to build strong, inclusive, thriving communities throughout PNG.
This week, Marie visited Stuartholme School and spoke to some of our Year 10 students about her work and the importance of education.
Her message stuck a cord with our students.
Sophie Baumann, Isabel Davis, Lara Boland, Sarah Macfarlane and Josie Kelley said the speech was truly inspiring and eye-opening.
“Marie has deepened our understanding of the Catholic Social Justice Principles and taught us that education can create change. Hearing this story has given us a new found respect for Caritas’ work and a motivation to be involved,” they said.
The message of empowerment also resonated with Ella Donaldson.
“By empowering people and allowing everyone to have a voice, the community can develop a greater sense of peace and an increased respect for each other, allowing them to live in unison.”
“Marie’s presentation clearly depicted the lives of the marginalised citizens of PNG, appealing to and opening our minds and hearts. This message will always stay with us and inspires us to take action as global citizens,” said Naeve Fraser and Jess Bartlett
We are extremely grateful to Marie for her time and look forward to hopefully welcoming her back again soon.

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