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Congratulations to the Class of 2021

Building on the long-standing tradition of academic excellence at Stuartholme School, we are proud to announce our 2021 graduates have achieved outstanding academic excellence.

  • 100% (State average 93.5%) of our students attained their Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE)
  • Four of our students achieved straight A grades in all six of their General subjects (only 2.2% of 51,709 students achieved this result)
  • An additional 23 students achieved straight A grades in five of their General subjects, with no less than a B standard in their sixth subject
  • 8 of our students achieved the result of 100% in at least one of their external exams
  • Three of our students achieved 99/100 for their final subject score in the subjects of Literature and Music Extension
  • 39 Diplomas were awarded, 11 Certificate IIIs were awarded, and 15 Certificate IIs were awarded

In addition, our ATAR performance is worth celebrating.

Please note, in alignment with the QTAC privacy policy, a school is only permitted to see a student ATAR result if permission has been granted by the student. In this case, unless a school has received permission from each student to receive their ATAR score, the data presented can only provide a snapshot representation and is not indicative of the entire cohort. The following is a Stuartholme snapshot of our 2021 successes that were shared with us:

We offer our congratulations to our 99+ ATAR dux Delilah Jackson, and to our Proxime Accessit Sophia Buller.


ATAR Range

Stuartholme School

(% of students who shared their ATAR)


Approx. OP equivalent^

99 and above




98 and above



1 – 2

95 and above



1 – 3

90 and above



1 - 5

80 and above



1 – 10

In addition, through recognising the vocational education qualifications awarded, 87% of the Year 12 cohort received a rank ATAR of 80+ which is an outstanding achievement in the history of the school.

These results demonstrate Stuartholme honours its strong tradition of excellence in education as a non-selective school and continues to deliver exceptional outcomes well above state benchmarks.

These outcomes are a testament to Stuartholme students being equipped to take responsibility for their learning, reflect and act on feedback and display academic resilience and growth. Not just in the senior years, but right throughout their secondary education.

At Stuartholme, we know that education is a journey, not a destination. Our educational philosophy recognises that to be successful, a student must be challenged and supported to grow as a whole person including their spirituality, wellbeing, and academics. We work with our community to optimise success for every child on their educational journey of growth and success.

As a community, we recognised this success is not possible without the support of families and teachers who work together alongside the students, and we thank them for their commitment.



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