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Driving towards thriving- setting up our senior students for success

Driving towards thriving- setting up our senior students for success

To commence Term 4, I had the pleasure to collaborate with the Wellbeing and Academic Teams to prepare and present a workshop for our senior students as they embark on the final steps leading into the external exams.

At Stuartholme, we place an intentional focus on the integration of spirituality, wellbeing, and learning. Throughout the workshop, students were centred through prayer, meditation and mindfulness and unpacked what underpins effective performance through nourishing and enhancing our wellbeing.

We encouraged the students to understand being successful involves being intentional and strategic. To effectively prepare the students for what lies ahead, a key aspect of the workshop was to unpack potential scenarios they may face within the external examination period. It was clear our senior cohort has embraced the opportunities for learning during their time at Stuartholme and are well placed for success through the external examination period.

As parents, supporting your daughter in preparation for this period is significant. To ensure we all work together in partnership to support our seniors to be exam attack ready, take the time to connect with your daughter to unpack some of the key strategies for wellbeing and learning success explored at the recent workshop. Some opportunities might include:

  • Exploring a mindfulness or meditation activity with them before or following exams
  • Unpack some of the key learnings and reflections from the Mock Exam period that they explored with their Academic Mentors
  • Focusing on their wellbeing ensuring they have a quiet study space, are eating well and getting enough sleep
  • Monitoring that they are also embracing some downtime over the external examination period so they can sustain through to the final exam.

Our senior cohort has demonstrated exceptional drive and commitment throughout their senior year, and together with our support, will continue to drive towards thriving well beyond the gates of Stuartholme. 

Danny Crump
Deputy Principal

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