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Helping your child reach their potential

Helping your child reach their potential

At Stuartholme School our academic program focuses on the individual learning experience. We craft a student’s learning journey from their first day to their graduation with flexibility for discoveries along the way.

A key feature of the learning experience is our Enrichment Program which is designed to develop the potential of each student by providing a pathway that acknowledges their individual gifts and talents.

The Enrichment Program has five elements, which are summarised below.

  • Identification of high potential students

Our program uses a continuous and flexible process involving a combination of careful and sensitive observations and objective assessments to build a detailed picture of students so that confident judgments can be made about students with high potential.

  • Individual Learning Plans

The unique characteristics of each student inform decisions about how the curriculum should be modified for high potential students. Individual Learning Plans are developed to ensure the most beneficial modifications to curriculum programs are made and that challenging co-curricular options are available to high achieving students.

  • Differentiation

Differentiation refers to modifications of the curriculum to meet the learning needs of students. For high potential students, content might be offered at a greater depth or at a more complex level or there may be a greater focus on higher order thinking, real world applications or a choice about the way mastery of learning is demonstrated may be offered to students.

  • Acceleration

Acceleration is another way to provide for high potential students. In general, acceleration refers to any approach that results in students moving through the curriculum at a faster pace. Typically, high potential students may be accelerated in particular subjects either by sending the student to a higher year level for study or by bringing materials from a higher year level into the student’s current class. Skipping a year level is another less commonly used approach to acceleration.

  • Co-curricular Enrichment Activities

Stuartholme offers a wide range of enrichment activities that all students can access. These include competitions, special programs and out-of-school learning opportunities. For high potential students these present opportunities to strive for personal excellence and interact with other high achieving students.

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