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Social media boundaries in the home


Research shows that setting boundaries at home around social media and technology will bring real benefits.

Here are six useful tips that may help, but we also encourage you to explore the wide range of advice provided by Karen Young at the link below. 
Keep in mind that the data clearly shows children are more likely to meet expectations if they are involved in making the rules and that these are linked to their personal safety and welfare. Additionally, there is merit in having a conversation with your child about the biggest risks and considering the rules that will best protect them. That way, they will also feel that they have some autonomy.

  1. Be present – no technology should be permitted at certain times (at dinner).
  2. Privacy – work hard to protect identity and personal information.
  3. Not at night – no technology after a certain time at night or phones in the bedroom.
  4. Rules about behaviour – no viewing, creating or producing or sharing anything sexual, no bullying or bad language.
  5. Be balanced – balancing technology with other activities is important.
  6. Parental responsibility – be unafraid to protect your child as you would with any other.

Deb Londsdale-Walker
Dean of Student Wellbeing


  1. by Karen Young.

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