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Stuartholme Year 12s achieve outstanding results

Stuartholme School congratulates the Class of 2020 on their outstanding results.

Principal Kristen Sharpe said the ATAR results released on Saturday demonstrate the hard work, focus and tenacity of our Year 12 students. These results are evidence of their commitment over the six years of their secondary education at Stuartholme.

“On behalf of the entire school, I offer my sincere congratulations to our Year 12 students. We are unreservedly proud of our results, with 44.3% of students achieving an ATAR of 90 or higher and 19% 95 or higher.”

“These results show the enthusiasm and diligence towards their studies, especially during the period of learn from home, when they switched to our bespoke teaching and learning model, STU@HOME.

“I would also like to congratulate five of our students who will be receiving an Academic Commendation from QCAA for achieving straight A results in six General Subjects.

Over 20% of the Year 12 students at Stuartholme received early offers from some of the country’s top institutions including Australian National University, University of New England, Queensland University of Technology, Australian Catholic University and Griffith University.

“We have always claimed Stuartholme girls are independent, capable leaders who believe in themselves and are committed to working hard. These results are a testament to their work and that of our outstanding teaching staff, who supported and guided the students every day".

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